Who We Are


Carla Perez-Green
The Designer

After seeing the need for an inclusive brand with a purpose, in the women's swimwear market, Carla felt the desire to create a brand that balanced timeless, comfortable, sophisticated and flattering designs with an accuracy in sizing and fit. 

Carla Pérez-Green grew up spending her weekends at the beach in the beautiful Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico, where days spent swimming and walking the coastlines fostered an appreciation and deep affection towards the ocean. Without realizing it, Carla was always drawn to swimwear and beach attire. As a little girl, she spent her free time styling pieces that made her feel comfortable and confident at the beach.

After studying Business Management and Marketing, and working in the fashion industry for 13 years, she wanted to combine her creativity and sense of style with her business foundation. Even though she worked for various renown fashion brands and retailers, her dedication and drive led her to create a brand that not only delivered a high quality product; but also had a purpose; to empower women through the creation of pieces that strive to be inclusive in both sizing and fit. That's when Gaea Swimwear was born.

The Brand

Gah - eeah

As a result from an affinity for Greek mythology, the female name Gaea merged perfectly with the purpose of the Brand. The name originates from the Greek Goddess also known as “Mother of everything beautiful in the world” who gave birth to the Sky, the Mountains and the Sea. To us, Gaea means female empowerment in spite of the circumstances. Living with a purpose and being confident that you are a beautiful woman, capable of achieving and overcoming anything your heart desires.

At Gaea we want to drive forward the belief that beauty is an attitude. We strive to make all women feel confident wearing our suits, to make our pieces sophisticated and timeless and to make you feel as if you are living a never-ending Summer.