Meet #gaeagal Paula Landrón

Meet #gaeagal Paula Landrón


To us, our muses, known as “gaeagal’s” are women who live with a purpose, not on auto-pilot. For our first collaboration we chose to work with Paula Landrón. Paula was unanimously and instantly recognized as being the perfect dose of energy, confidence, empowerment and happiness, with one intention: inspire others to be the best version of themselves. And it's in times like these that people look for motivation and empowerment. The kind of fuel that can inspire you to be the best version of yourself whether it comes in the form of words of encouragement, a helping hand, or an inspiring story like this one.

Paula Landrón didn't have anything handed to her. From the start of her career as a health and wellness entrepreneur she's had to overcome many obstacles, but it's her determination and willingness to follow her gut that got her to where she is today. Paula decided early on that she wouldn't pursue a regular 9-to-5 job after graduating University, instead she wanted to create her own path to success. "I see success differently. I don't wait for opportunities to come to me, I go out and find them", she explained.

Now, a successful certified fitness instructor, she aims to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle and find their purpose. She founded her own wellness company, The Deep Lifestyle, dedicated to promoting a workout that combines high-intensity interval training and motivation. Paula also hosts public events such as women empowerment retreats, and Bootylicious, an event created to empower and encourage people to let loose while they break a sweat.

It's her energetic personality and uplifting words what makes others feel connected to her. She explained how social media has played a big part in her business and made her realize her impact, "When people send me a message on social media telling me I've inspired them it shows me that what I'm doing is working. That's what I want to transmit. Sometimes I have moments of doubt, and then I get a message and I realize I

have to keep going so I can keep impacting other people's lives" she said adding that gaining followers isn't her focus, it's simply a biproduct of her hard work. When thinking about the future, Paula isn't sure of where she'll be, but she knows she wants to have stability and see all of the projects she's currently working on come to fruition. "I change every day, and every day a new opportunity arises… I'm open to possibilities" she said.

 You can follow Paula's multifaceted journey on her Instagram page @paulalandron and browse her deep band set for at-home workouts. And follow us at @gaeaswimwear to read more inspiring stories like this one and who knows, maybe you'll find the #GaeaGal inside of you!

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